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Micelle Technology - Why it Works

A micelle is a soap like particle that is so small, it disrupts the bonds of material to not only clean, but disintegrate dirt and oil!
Micelles surround the soil with detergent making the soil more soluble and also lower the surface tension so the soil comes away from the surface with mechanical action like a brush or cloth. more

How it Works

eco2life is a 21st century product with a 21st century eco-conscience. Four household cleaning products each specially formulated from naturally derived, eco-friendly ingredients to deliver high class cleaning performance…but with a smaller carbon footprint.

Refill & Reuse

Small Wonders are little bottles of cleaning solution which you dilute at home with ordinary tap water…to make a full bottle of ready-to-use eco2life eco cleaning product with no replacement bottles. And, of course, no need to lug bottles – usually mostly full of water – from the supermarket to home more

Latest News

Top 100 Green Initiatives

The number of organisations, businesses and people that are striving for sustainability and more eco-friendly lifestyles is increasing. Green Match have decided to acknowledge some of these and have gathered 100 sites that deserve special recognition for their efforts in … Read More

100,000 Challenge

eco2life is targeting to get 100,000 UK households using it’s breakthrough refill and reuse range of household cleaning products which could end up taking 1,000,000 plastic spray bottles out of recycling and landfill Join the campaign! Why? Millions and millions … Read More

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